Walking the Walk 

Ridgewood Walks is an initiative that encourages health and safety by promoting walking as a way to connect residents, businesses and neighbors of Ridgewood, New Jersey. Throughout the year, RW hosts month-long walking tours, such as Walktoberfest in October, and Step Into Summer! in June. During these tours, residents can learn about our village's wonderful history and meet neighbors, local business owners and community service leaders. Ridgewood Walks hopes to ignite a vibrant downtown combining our past—and our future—as a walkable town.


What's in it for you?  We all know the numerous benefits of walking that contribute to a healthy body and mind. Walking also reduces exhaust emissions and offers a safer place for our children to live in.


What's in it for the community? Not only is walking healthy for an individual, we also know that business districts grow stronger with increased walking traffic. Ridgewood businesses are our village's crown jewel and we want our residents and neighbors to think of spending money here first, before getting into the car and hitting the malls.


Steve Hockstein​

keeping in step with our walkable village